SynergyO2 knows that starting a business is not an easy task. In addition to knowledge management, accounting, advertising and other professional areas, you must take the time to make bureaucratic tasks as collecting permits, find suppliers and a number of activities which most likely will steal your sleep and a lot of time.

Our mission is to provide you with tools that facilitate your way to success and financial independence. You may ask how?

When you become a Synergy O2 member you have the right to:

  • Exclusive products

    Products developed with the latest technology which guarantees a high impact on the life of others.
    Investment in a constant growth market that will always be present because peoples' health is not a current "trend" , is a necessity that has and will always be present.
    Become an ambassador to our cause and share it with everyone on the world.

  • Better lifestyle

    Financial freedom which lets you increase your income and achieve everything you have always want to.
    Partners in different parts of the world that share your same vision and values.
    Positive impact on the health of your loved ones and yours.
    When you become your own boss, you can have more time to spare with your loved ones.

  • Our support

    You'll have access to a personal website where you'll find your sales record and relevant files for your business.
    Each online sell done by you will have your own signature.
    Clear and ethic procedures so that you always stay informed.
    Guidance in every process or activity.
    Testimonies of satisfied customers all around the world.
    Blog which contains articles and other information essential for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a package?

A wholesale package is a method of payment that we offer in Synergy O2 when someone wants to purchase more than one product and also start their own business.

Currently we offer 4 package categories.

We recommend you to get the Elite category as soon as you can since this category is the one that brings you more benefits. It is important to state that when you affiliate you only have the first 60 days to purchase upgrade packages. After those 60 days, you'll need to purchase one of the packages in order to upgrade your category.

¿What is the personal website and what is its main function?

The personal website is also known as replica site. This site is a web page where your clients and affiliates can purchase products or join Synergy o2 as members of your team.

Your prospects will be able to find all the information regarding the products and business.

This site also includes all necessary contact details so that your prospects can get in touch with you in case they are interested.

What are Power Team points?

These are the points generated by associates each time they enroll or manage to upgrade a member's category in their team.

¿What is the Virtual Office and its main use?

The virtual office is a site in which you can keep track of how your business is going.

This means that you can learn what activities are your members doing in your network.

Also, you can keep updated about all monthly promotions , discounts, contests and other news.

What is marketing material?

We give you this material once you join Synergy O2. We offer you this as a supporting tool so that you can manage your business in a more efficient way.

The given material consists of manuals, product catalogue, compensation plan , among other documents.

What is the International ID?

It's a code which lets us identify all associates in the world. With this ID it is possible to give you commissions.

In order for this, it is necessary that you provide your ID to any person in the world that wants to make a purchase or join Synergy O2.

How do discounts work?

The higher your category package is, the higher your discount will be.

The discount is valid when you make your first purchase once you have gotten one of the packages mentioned here.

From now on, all of your purchases will have a discount depending on your category.